Thursday, February 21, 2008

I think my body is shifting again

I'm bouncing from 190-194......... and my clothes are fitting oh so much better than a month ago........ the size large sweaters that I bought at Christmas... a bit too tight to be comfy are now perfectly loose. I'm getting comments left and right that I look slimmer and skinny.

I feel better...... I had my hair done up, getting tan for the wedding and all that... I FEEEEEEEL good... I FEEEEEEEL sexy........

I've been standing in front of the mirror naked lately pulling at my skin to see what I'd look like without my deflated belly....... DH says I'm obsessed with surgery shows... like Big Medicine, PS befores and afters and ......... weight loss in general. (I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Biggest Loser!) I have been close to spilling my secret at work..... because there are so many here that could benefit from it, and our insurance covers it...... but the person has to be ready.. and so I've been only telling the TWO people who have approached me about it. (I'm the Benefits person at work)

I have one week til the official wedding celebration...... then we are off to Daytona for a Bike Week honeymoon.... DH is a bike week virgin and he has no idea.... awwwwwwwwwwwweeeee it will be nice to show him. I like Sturgis better, but FL in March is far better than Kansas and plus there is the Ocean.

It will be good for me...... remaking memories with my new husband..... because all my memories of bike vacations were made with my first husband...... the one I grew up with (17 years together).. I don't talk about him much because our split really screwed me up...... and has caused all the poor suckers after him to suffer the baggage he left..(I became a pretty jaded man hater for a while)...... the one good thing I got out of our divorce was my son.... the psyco rebound guy that gave him to me .... not so much! :) but all that is a closed chapter... I have a new life, I have a spirited light in my son, I have my new husband and his three boys.. my dh has apdopted my son and we all have the same name, same goals, same life ethics, and same shared loved for each other and our boys...... growth and maturity is a wonderful thing to experience... even if the ride was bumpy.

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