Thursday, August 21, 2008

Attack of the Unfil!

So, I had a tiny unfill about a week before Sturgis. Didn't really notice much change during vacation.. but holy hell it has loosened up like crazy over the last week! I feel like I could actually eat a nice big juicy greaseladen bacon cheeseburger WITH bun..... haven't tried it............. yet. LOL

Seriously though, who would of thought .4 cc would make this much difference. I can NOT stand feeling hunger! It sucks big time, but I must admit its been nice not pb'ng everything and NOT having heartburn...... so I guess this is me maintaining and trying to wrap my head around getting on a plan.

I had gotten down to 176......... then back from Sturgis I was 186, and since I have been bouncing around 178-180 (today was 180)

Oh and I cut my hair. DH hates it but everyone else loves it including me.. and that is what counts. DH has stopped shaving in retaliation, but I just told him that if he wanted to look like an ass to go for it.... and so he has. ho hum

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back from SD!

I'm back, I'm tired, I'm bloated from all the nachos that I ate... we shall see what damage I've done.

Had a great time, weather was beautiful, the scenery is most awesome when viewed from the open air of a bike......

Shown here.. a self portrait inwhich I caught George in as well! COOL!