Wednesday, September 26, 2007

5 Months Banded

Today is my 5 month bandversary!
Down 54 lbs, and wearing most all my size 16's in my closet,

I was busting out of my 24's when I started..... ahhh it feels good.
This dress is an XL and I'm wearing a black blazer over it as I type this
size 16. Dress AGAIN? has been already uttered by 4 people.

Monday, September 24, 2007


I am wiping up tears of joy after reading "The Pin Up Girl" blog.... go check it out.

I also hit a milestone of my own on Friday and managed to hold it over the weekend..
I hit the "teens". Also I am wearing a dress today....... who IS this person I'm becoming?

I feel like one of the "afters" on What Not to Wear! Dresses are not my thing.... especially one that doesn't stop at my ankles!

Friday......... I had a good day...... it seemed like EVERYONE at work picked Friday to notice that I'm losing weight........ Must of been what I was wearing because even the old guys in Maintenance noticed....... weird, but good.

I have also noticed a big change in my finger nails and my hair....... I am not getting enough protein, I have GOT to fix it.

Also, I was scheduled for a fill appointment today but I gave it up because my restriction is holding steady. My next apt. is 10/22/2007... I'm really hoping to be down 10-15 lbs... by then

Please Santa, ONEderland by Christmas!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Shhhhhhhhh we have a secret!

Absurd to post a SECRET on a blog where virtually ANYONE can see it online, but thats the GREAT thing about blogging......... I can tell EVERYONE and NO ONE all at once.
We are having a wedding in March, but for a multitude of reasons we decided to tie the knot at the courthouse early.... We are still having a WEDDING that includes our boys and our families, but yesterday we made all this "living in sin" legal!
For our NEXT ceremony.. I will be a lot thinner! :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Reading the FINE print!

We just recieved our new Insurance SPD's (the boring legeleze book that no one ever reads) It's part of my job... so I just skimmed the OBESITY RELATED PROCEDURES section.............What I found made my day:

Also included are services, supplies or charges for the correction of complications arising from weight control procedures, such as procedures to reverse any restrictive or diversion ary procedures and such reconstructiove procedures as may be neccessitatied by the weight loss produced by these covered restrictrive or diversionary procedures. Examples of such reconstructive procedures include, but are not limited to, abdominal panniculectomy, and removal of excessive skin from arms, legs or other areas of the body!

THIS MEANS THAT I’m GETTING a TT and arms done after I LOSE THIS WEIGHT! Holy crap!!!!!


220.6 this morning...... almost to the teens.

I detest setting goals.. but I really want to hit ONEderland by Christmas...
By Thanksgiving would be awesome, but I don't want to set myself up for failure, so I'm saying Christmas.

I have a pair of Old Navy Ultra Low Fit size 16 capri length jeans that I can almost wear again.... those and my size 14 mid rise levis (not the ones in the pics) are sooooooooo close. After NOT being able to button them I put on the Levis I posted NSV pics in just to make sure that I can REALLY button and zip them... and yes... I can still do it... even a bit easier than last week. They are still not comfy enough to wear out of the house but very gratifying....... It is so nice to be able to shop in my closet, but even nicer to actually buy something new.. that will be a ONEderland treat for myself.

I've decided that I'm getting my ass back to the gym next week.... I MUST I MUST!

Have a great day....

Drink your water!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

So... I'm sitting here wearing a suit for no particular reason....

No meetings today
No special visitors
Just your average everyday Thursday and I decided to wear a monkey suit.........

Who is this person?

The person who has 5 pairs of capri length pull on pants in varying colors.. and wears them religiously day after day............

I also put product in my hair and wore it down today......
No ponytail......

I even wore lipstick...... Who IS this person?

This is the Tracy that I've missed for so long... the one who actually CARES about her
appearance. The one who actually feels good about herself again.....

Oh........ and the one that can FIT into the monkey suit again.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I LOVE the Biggest Loser!

I have been addicted to the Biggest Loser Show since its first season and last night was the premier. It is very inspiring to watch people work their asses off, and it is amazing when I see someone who is the same weight as I am and see how huge they look.......

There was a girl who weighed 279 (I started at 272) Man oh man... I was big.

The best part is knowing I will never be that size again.

Today I MUST drink my water!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So my boss is an ass

Mid Day Rant!

I love the old geezer, but dam it he is such an ass...........

1. He does not know I'm banded.
a. Wouldn't understand it.
b. Would want to talk about it every minute of every day
c. Would tell me what I SHOULD be doing.... grrrrrrrr
d. Would turn into the BIGGEST PAIN IN MY ASS
2. He is 60+ years old.... never been divorced, never been a smoker, is basically in HIS mind near perfect........ and did I mention a pain in my ass at times when we disagree as he can be very judgemental.

OK.... so I had started going to the gym... but I have slacked off...
Trace: You go work out this morning?
Then I say.. "No, not this morning"
To which I get a daily lecture.... annoying

So he tells me that he is almost down to 250, as he pats his belly and laughs... only one more pound... I really hit that tread mill this morning!

I finally tell him that I'm down 53 lbs as of April 1st.......... he looks at me disbelieving.....

53 lbs! Nawwwwwwwww! 53 Really?????

Yes Dan 53lbs... I had regained all my weight and added 20...

He replies........

"Well OFCOURSE I NOTICED YOU REGAINED ALL YOUR WEIGHT only a DOPE wouldn't of noticed THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!" What ya eating there? Oatmeal???

Gee Thanks asshole


I am trying to get more protein into my body.....

It is so weird to not be hungry all the time. Never in my life and I MEAN NEVER have I ever "forgotten" to eat. You hear skinny people say this all the time.
I always thought in my mind... "YEAH RIGHT!" Also you would hear it when people get sick they lose weight........ NOT ME.... so to be sitting here right now forcing myself to eat some Weight Control Oatmeal when I not hungry in the least... well it seems obsurd.

Yesterday I attended a seminar and I didn't eat ANYthing until 2:00 p.m. simply because I hadn't really thought about it and I was busy... is this another NSV? Is it a miracle? YES, you betcha.

I would say that I am indeed at my sweet spot of restriction. I am a daily weigher and on Sunday I saw 220.8 lbs on my scale.......... down from 272 April 1st 2007. I DID have a bad day of graizing as we were at a family function and I literally ate all day..... I spent the day miserable but picking... old habbits are so hard to break........... I did bounce up 4 pounds , but then this morning I'm back down 3lbs, so I'm hoping to see the teens later this week.

It is so funny how people from my cyber life pop into my RL thoughts at the weirdest times.... for instance.. Danyele (the pin up girl) I don't know her personally, but I first remember her posting on the LCF website and was interested when I started seeing her post about her impending surgery... and now look at her! I read her blog weekly and yesterday I thought of her when I got my hair cut........... the words.. "MORE PRODUCT" came to mind.. something she wrote after her new hair do................. Daneyle if you read this..... YOU HAVE BEEN A REAL INSPIRATION! and heck its how I even learned about the Sassy WLS ring.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


If you frequent my blog you will find that I'm a picture freak!
I document everything in pics....
Today is no exception.
I have these well worn size 14 NON-Stretch Levis that I've had for about 7 years...
I love them... I especially love them when they are baggy...
anyway.. I've been trying them on every week for the last two months or so...
Late July, I got them up over my hips but there
was no amount of sucking or stuffing that would allow them to button.... I made it my august
goal to get them buttoned by Labor Day....... I'm a few days late, but by God they buttoned AND zipped this morning............ no I can't breathe.... but breathing is over rated RIGHT?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back from Labor Day

Wow! I leave for a weekend and I actually find out that people have READ my ramblings! Very Cool! I have a crazy work day......... (Here's a twist on my personality) I work in an actual Convent, I also spent last weekend at a motorcycle rally. I've been riding my own bike for 11 years... since becoming a mom 4 years ago.. the long road trips are a thing of my past, but I still love the feeling of riding through winding hills and smelling the smells of the outdoors............. ahhhh the weekend. To answer the questions posted in the comments section... 4 months banded and I am down nearly 50 lbs. I have what is known as the "small" band, which is marketed to hold 4 cc's of saline. (My doc says up to 5 cc's) To date I've had 4 fills and am hovering right around 3.95 cc's of saline and I am very restricted. As I type this I'm drinking coffee with sf creamer a morning ritual. I eat very little right now....... and the blessing is that I'm very rarely hungry! I have to really work on protien and water. I never thought in a million years that I would take a few bites of cottage cheese and not even think about food til 1:00 p.m. Yesterday Coffee w/sf creamer B: Cottage Cheese (maybe 1/2 cup) L: Mexican Restraunt: a few chips and salsa, 1 chicken taco D: 1/2 of a grilled hamburger dipped in Ranch, 1 pc of cheddar cheese SN: SF pudding cup NOTE: Crunchy crumbly go through the band EASY. Doughy and Gooooey end up acting like a cork.
If I were toooooooo restricted I would not be able to eat the solids and that would require that I get a slight unfil, but I can eat solids so its just the mental issue of only eating a tiny portion. I have decided that I'm going to have to really think about a protein shake in the morning as I'm supposed to get 64 grams of the stuff in during the day. I could eat most any type of food prior to this last fill.
Prior to first fill, (after initial healing time of liquids and mushies) I ate ANYTHING.. also known as BANDSTER HELL.
Second Fill: Thin crunch pizza crust
Third Fill: Maybe a bite of the very brown crunchy crust.

Here is a pic of my scars 2 days afer surgery

Below is an actual picture of my band. I asked the doc to take this for me and after he laughed he complied!
I think its cool, you may think its gross... :)
Have a great day everyone!