Thursday, May 29, 2008

Water Me Please

First scale is down another of the 2 lbs gained............... so today read 184, when my prior low was 181.8 lbs.......

Also.. why am I NOT drinking water? ....... and I mean NO WATER AT ALL..... the water I've been consuming is the stuff I brew my coffee with! STUPID.. why don't I get off my ass and go to the water fountain and fill up my bottle right NOW instead of typing the words you are currently reading???????????

I am taking my youngest step son to his final consult with the surgeon this afternoon. He is having surgery tomorrow morning on both of his eyes.... (hereditary lazy eye) he is a little freaked out about having surgery but we are a bundle of reassurance.......

My son graduated PRE-K yesterday and during the final song a parent was supposed to come up and dance with their child...... So I did..... right up front ...... I followed the silly moves of the teacher.... and was the silly mom who was getting into it..... HE LOVED IT....... and I wasn't the biggest one ..... so for the first time..... I felt OK and not ashamed of my size......... major NSV.

I'm putting up a pic of my violet sistahs..... I love this shot... we were all laughing.. because Pam (our token lesbian) was giving the poor drunk guy who was taking our picture TOTAL HELL...... by the time we were done with him he was pretty sure we were all lesbians! OH IT WAS SOOOOOOOOO FUNNY! I think he popped one. :)

OK.......... so off I go....... I am going to FILL that water bottle!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Getting back on track

So, I've lost 2 of the gained pounds.. I guess that's the beauty of my band.. it's waiting patiently for me to get off my lazy ass and get back on track!

Right now its very overcast and the boys are out in the yard trying not to kill each other.. I'm on my puter getting ready to play referee.... and while I'm at it I'm going to boil some eggs for the "egg salad" that I plan to make later... (this is me getting back on track!) I was soooo close to the 170's... but now not so close.....

Oh well........ I will get there... meanwhile I'm lounging in my SIZE MEDIUM wally world pullon shapeless deniumlike shorts! OH and we spent the better part of this weekend at an indoor water park.. and I WAS NOT THE BIGGEST ONE THERE! NSV!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

OK.. so I gained....

OHHHHHHHHHH but it was so good!

Back on track today..... trying to anyway. :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back from Gruene Tx!


I met all my fellow Shrinking Violets (we all met on
It started out simple enough with me posted a thread for anyone else who was to be banded in April 2007. People posted, most went on their way... but the few who stayed and posted day after day.... well..... we became close. A name was voted on and the Shrinking Violets were born.

This weekend was the culmination of a year and a half of online friendship.... and truly I think it served to bond us even further....... THIS IS MY SOURCE OF INSPIRATION and SUPPORT for my band.

Below is a quick slide show of the weekend..... (I'm missing my River pics due to it being on waterproof camera that I need to get developed)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

HELLO!!!!!!! Back down today..... CRAZY BUSY this week... with work and preparing for a weekend girls getaway..... and to top it off I had to make a LapBand Home Video for a "thang" I'm applying for.....

I just made it... I had to do it all myself using a digital camera cause..
1. I don't have a home video camera
2. My coworker friend that was to help me got caught up in a meeting.

Later I will upload and email to the producer...... and then see if I made the cut.

One of my fellow Violet Sista's was also asked to make a video... so hopefully ONE or BOTH of us will make the cut and get invited to be in the project. (it would be SUPER cool if both made it and had a trip together for the filming)

Anywhoooo I wanted to share a FUNNY kid moment:
OK... funny kid moment........... last night while driving in the car Robby was rattling a mile a minute from the back seat. When I stopped responding to him he asked... “Mom? Mom?! Why aren't you talking MOM? Do you need to puke or something?” (I nodded my head) “Do you have puke in your mouth right Now? (I nodded my head) and reached in the back seat to feel for SOMETHING to expel into... He said.. "there is NOTHING BACK here for you to puke into!.. then he thought about it for a second and kind of huffed at me and said...... “WELL, Theres nothing I can do about it now, so your going to have to deal with it!" OMG I was trying not to crack up and have it come out my nose........

p.s.......... wearing size 10 black capri Levis today..... God.. that is SOOO good for my ego! Later Peeps

Friday, May 9, 2008

Day 5 induction

Well the no water, the chips and refried beans, the bite of the funnel cake, the half of a deep fried twinkie...... NO WATER......

You guessed it the scale bounced back up to 186..

Yeah.. it's water retention, same as the initial loss was water weight.... Still down for the week.......

It's life....... and I'm back on track today.

Started today with:

B: Coffee w/sf creamer
1 heaping spoonful of Healthy Balance Peanut butter
S: 1/2 cup cottage cheese w/pepper
L: Tuna (trying tomatoe basil variety)
D: I've got stew meat in the crock pot with onion seasoning, broth, and a few cut up potatoes for the boys.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Confession Day 4

I now know what a fried twinkie tastes like..........

damn carvivals!

Day 4 Induction

Made it to Day 4!

Today's weight 184.2 lbs!!!!

Yesterday's menu:

Pork Steak in a crock pot w/ 1 jar of ragu roasted garlic alfredo, and 1 jar of water
1 small can of sliced mushrooms.. cooked on low overnight....

B: Coffee w/sf creamer
B: Pork Steak
S: Pork Steak
L: Pork Steak (I basically ate this 1-2 bites at a time for most of the day)
D: OUT Subway, I had 3 scoops of their tuna salad over lettuce w/brown spicey mustard
S: Carb Freedom ice cream bar: 2 net carbs
S: 1 spoonful of Healthy Balance Omega blend peanut butter
60 oz's of water
1 fountain diet coke
1 glass of diet dr. pepper

I know that the induction honeymoon is coming to a close... but at least I'm nearing the 90lbs lost mark... and wouldn't it be nice if I saw 179 on the scale before I hit the post induction stall! :)

Wish me luck today friends... I am attending a funeral and the lunch afterward!
Trying to keep it strong... trying trying... its going to be hard because I KNOW DH will want to eat mexican tonight... and the attack of the chips and dip will haunt me! OK... gotta go!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day 3 Induction

WHOOOOOHOOOOO love the "induction honeymoon"

Scale today 186.4 lbs....... new low

I haven't been down here since 2005.... and that time I didn't stay very long.

I put the pork steak in the crock pot overnight and have been happily graizing on it since this morning..... a bite or two....... chew slowly..... man it is so hard to do. It is SOOOOOO tender and delicious.. totally LC and so far band friendly!

Need to start on my water..... (I'm doing two 30 oz glasses per day, I know I need more but its a good start)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 2 Induction

I made it through day one!

I got really hungry about 2p.m. so I ended up opening another can of chunk chicken, and to make sure I didn't backslide I drained the chicken juice into a baggie of cookies that I had in my desk! LOL Worked... I stayed true to plan.

I ended up having crock pot steak with a bit of ranch dressing for dinner and found myself pacing the house about 8p.m...... so I gave it up and went to my bed to watch a web episode of survivor (missed it last week due to the tornados)

So....... Good morning! I made it and now am on day 2. Scale back down to 188 lbs, hoping to see 185 by Friday. (this would put me down 2 for the week)

I did have a SBD pudding cup this morning for breakfast because it is what I had in the fridge and I needed something for my morning metabolism....... Says's its only 6 carbs but thats not including the Sugar Alcohols..... good thing I'm having tuna and chicken today! :)
Must remember my water today...... hmmmmm

Have a great day!!!!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

TODAY begins a new start

I have decided to go back to My LowCarb roots TODAY.... Yes, that's right, down in the written word.. Tracy is going back to eating INDUCTIONS LEVELs of carbs.

Back to Atkins basic, chapter 1, day 1, back to what has always worked for me.....

geesh........ I first heard the term Low Carb in 1999..... its when I first read the cherish words of Dr. A..... and it was the first time I actually lost a lot of weight. Now.. there are all levels of Atkins, LowCarb and Low Sugar.... so I will break it down in MY Terms.....

I AIM for less than 20 NET carbs per day (Net carbs are CARBOHYDRATE minus DIETARY Fiber)....... I don't subtract sugar alchohols and such because .. thats just too much science for me.. and SA's make me stall anyway!

So now that I am banded I have the added twist that certain of my LC favs just don't work.. and thats ok..... I can work with it.

The glorious thing is that I am not constantly fighting hunger... and my portions will be smaller so in theory.. I should drop this last 30 lbs pretty quick..... but come on.. this is Self Sabotour T talking..... I have a family dinner planned for Sunday, a girls Trip on the 16th...... and oh ya.. I am married to the KING of sweet teeth...... so I will not beat myself up over it..... but yes....

The scale bounced back up to 190 this morning (due to the salt, icecream and CRAP) I indulged in over the weekend........ oh yeah and I can't remember the last glass of water I've had..... its been all diet pop.......

So 5/5/08: 190 lbs

B: Coffee w/sf creamer (this is something I'm not willing to give up)
L: Canned chicken w/ 1 T of brown spicy mustard, 85 calories, 2 carbs, 13 protein
D: Round steak in the crock pot seasoned with Ranch dry mix and water.

I am currently as I type this half way through my first glass of water...
I am also currenlty hungry so I might have to look in my work stash for a LC snack.. but I may end up having another can of chicken..........

Lets hope for a good loss by Friday!