Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Again

It's Monday... 181 lbs. (seriously.. if I would drink some dang water I KNOW that I would be rooted in the 170's)

I am trying something new today... I bought one of those single serving Keish (sp?)

It it higher in Carbs than I'd like due to the crust (35) and its pretty dang high in calories too (390) but the protein is good (17)

I literally nibbled on this thing all morning... NOT ONE PB, so that is a definate score.. I COULD of not ate the crust... but I did anyway. I finished it about 11 a.m. and just now I had a SF pudding...... that and coffee w/ sf creamer and that has been my food consumption for the day thus far.

At home in the crock pot I have flat iron steak with beef broth and some seasonings.

In other news.....

3 more days of work and I'll be heading for VEGAS with my sis! WHOOOHOOO.....

DH and I are signed up for a CRUISE January 2009! He has never BEEN on a cruise so it should be lots of fun.. and motivation to shed this last 20-30 lbs....

Thats it for now peeps

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