Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I have a band baby and more!

NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! (1 son and 3 step sons.. gawd forbid) LOL

But.. I have inspired a family member to get banded.. he did so in Mexico last week. We'll call him Betty. This pic is HORRIBLE of me as I was in the middle of bike washing and yard work, when he called needing a personalized pep talk... He is doing great.. shown here 2 days post op and a flight to KS later he is doing good...
He looks pretty beat up because he also had surgery for Colon Cancer last year *note the OPEN incision*

His biggest complaint is that he was hungry! (and BIL was fixing carne asada taco's) I explained bandster hell and that he was in it! LOL... anyway watch for Betty Updates. He was 70 lbs overweight.

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