Thursday, August 21, 2008

Attack of the Unfil!

So, I had a tiny unfill about a week before Sturgis. Didn't really notice much change during vacation.. but holy hell it has loosened up like crazy over the last week! I feel like I could actually eat a nice big juicy greaseladen bacon cheeseburger WITH bun..... haven't tried it............. yet. LOL

Seriously though, who would of thought .4 cc would make this much difference. I can NOT stand feeling hunger! It sucks big time, but I must admit its been nice not pb'ng everything and NOT having heartburn...... so I guess this is me maintaining and trying to wrap my head around getting on a plan.

I had gotten down to 176......... then back from Sturgis I was 186, and since I have been bouncing around 178-180 (today was 180)

Oh and I cut my hair. DH hates it but everyone else loves it including me.. and that is what counts. DH has stopped shaving in retaliation, but I just told him that if he wanted to look like an ass to go for it.... and so he has. ho hum

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My NEW BAND Life said...

Holey Crap!! I feel ya!! I got my unfill last week, and I never knew how much I missed some foods, but I am being soooooo bad!! I NEED A FILL!! I never thought I would ever say that again!!! Like you said, I am soo happy to not be PBing.. but I don't like the scales right now!!! I think i need about half of what I had taken out, put back in!! I have an apt in about 3 weeks.. we will see how that goes!! good luck!!!