Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I'm here, I'm nearly all the way unfilled and my stomach once again GROWELS and it SUPER SUCKS!

So, I have a measley 1.4 cc's in my 4cc band. This is less than my very first fill... I have been able to eat pizza, and the fact that I KNOW this pisses me off.

Yeah, I can't eat an ENTIRE pizza, but I did eat 2 small pieces... I guess in reality this is NORMAL... but what the hell IS NORMAL? NORMAL SNORMAL.... everyone has a different version of normal.

I have now been bouncing 183-185.......... pisses me off...... I was down to 174... I have a fill appointment set up for 12/5/08, and I wiil get a small fill I guess. I sit here *in my size 10's* and think... OK Trace get a freaking grip.. if you could just get your head back into the game, you could easily lose 20 pounds just by watching the carbs and drinking the water.... why get a fill? I don't know I have a week to figure it out. I'm rambling.......... I'm in a rambling mood...... tomorrow is turkey day and I will be able to eat...... last year I took a can of soup with me.. YES YES YES I KNOW............ that was way too tight.....ahhhhh...

OK.. in other news.

MY MOM IS GETTING BANDED IN DENVER!!!!!!! She flies into the Mile High City on 12/10/2008! I am so stinking excited for her! Even if she just loses 50 lbs her joints will feel so much better! (I'm betting that she drops at least 80) I can not wait!!!!!!

I had a Mammogram scare........... but thank you Jesus it was deemed NORMAL.

SO.... thanks for reading my ramble,

I still love my band......
I'm still loving my size 10 levis (but my 12's are more comfy)
I wish my stomach would quit making noise
I WILL see the 160's in 2009!

I am THANKFUL for my life and the loves in my life. I am blessed.

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