Monday, October 1, 2007

Welcome to OCTOBER!

Down 10lbs this month! Right on target............ A couple things... Since I'm not hungry very often I've really been slacking on my protein, and since my band doesn't like chicken or steak (unless its already ground) I am relegated to ground beef, pork, turkey... etc....... and since DH doesn't DO foo foo meat it's mainly ground beef unless I cook something just for me. ANYWAY........

I've heard all over cyberville about these "OhYeah" Wafers and how good they are..... So last weekend I went in search of them......... 4 GNC's later I finally did. I bought them and a protien Slammer......... something like a jello shot with 27 or 42 grams of protein per tube.

OMG the OhYeah! are SERIOUSLY delish (for a protein bar) They do have a tiny bit of a sawdust taste, but I've tried just about every LowCarb protien bar out there and these are by far the BEST! I usually eat a SouthBEachDiet protien bar, but these are FAR FAR BETTER... so take that as you will.

OK.... so I was in for a bit of a suprise with these puppies........... about 30 minutes after SHOOTING IT LIKE A JELLO SHOT........... I got all tingly on my arms and legs...
Tingly like your skin is ichy and dry in the middle of winter in a house that has dry heat.. or for those of you who have indulged in the TINGLY tanning lotion while you were fake baking at the local tanning hut......... Did this yesterday and then again this morning while I was in the middle of a workout........ FREAKY! So today I went and looked up the description
High Performance Protein & Workout SupplementCarnosine Synthesizer with Beta-Alanine27 Protein - O Fat - 0 CarbsProteinSlams™ are engineered as an easy to digest protein cocktail & High Performance pre-workout supplement. Each vial delivers a synergistic blend of amino acids and a pre-workout formula combining beta-Alanine and Taurine strategically designed to energize you through any exercise or sport activity.

Did ya catch that?????????? I actually got my lazy ass out of bed and to the gym at 4:30 a.m. this morning!

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