Thursday, October 25, 2007

6 months and 62 lbs

Hello all!

Tomorrow is my 6 month bandversary and I am happy to be down 62lbs.

210 lbs... and flashes of 209 show up to tease me. I REALLY want to be in ONEderland by Turkey Day.... it is such a mental thing to have a "1" on the scale.....

I have been holding what us bandsters call our SWEET spot since August and it is awesome to only be able to eat 1 cup or less of food and then stay full for hours.

This band has really been a great tool for me. I actually was able to button ONE pair of my size 12 Levis! The others have a bit before they will button. 6 months down and I'm cruizing along still learning my band........


Your Author said...

Who knew you had a blog?!

Fantastic reading here. BTW, you look 10 years younger since your first pic on LBT.

Your Author said...

Fooey, that didn't give you much to go on. I need to fix that "your author" business.

OH Juli here. And my blog is