Thursday, September 4, 2008

I feel so fat today!

Yeah, Yeah, come slap me upside the head.. I feel fat in my size 12 jeans! Funny how our perspective changes.... since I've been wearing mainly 10's as of late.

I have been eating like total shit..... I don't know why, I know it must stop.... if only I had a food slapper.... but then it would just piss me off and I would eat anyway....... I know that my pants are tight today and I feel soooooo bloated..

OK.. enough bitching....

The other issue going on is that my mom has been diagnosed with a rare disease

Postirradiation Morphea of the Breast.. in short it is tissue reaction to her prior radiation. (She had breast cancer in 2001, a lumpectomy and radiation) This condition generally appears 6-12 years afer radiation exposure. The affected skin is regenerating and in effect OVER regenerating, so much so that the cells are not being allowed to expand which is making her breast, RED, ITCHY, HOT, and TOUGH... and I mean the texture of a basketball.

They are injecting steriods deep into the tissue... and also gave her an ointment to thin out the skin. The injections are painful THINK INK...this is similar to how they are treating it, except that they have to really press those needles through her basketball texture of her breast... I nearly passed out hearing her scream in pain. It was freaking horrible........ a tray of 10 needles to start... YIKES.

The upside is that something seems to be working, she goes back in 2 weeks for more injections. I will be mentally prepared but I don't know if she will be...

So... anyway.. I have not weighed lately.... I fixed Chili in the crock pot for tonights dinner, and I have a PTA meeting... my 2nd meeting...


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