Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year! *A Band Update*

2011 is upon us, and that means I'm nearing my 4th anniversary for being banded. (Gastric Band )

My surgery was April 26, 2007. Starting out, I tipped the scale at 272, but within my first year I managed to get down to 174! I was so close to that magical -100 lb weight loss goal I had set for myself. LIFE was GREAT! I was in size 10 Levis, and regularly being told that I was getting too thin. (Yeah RIGHT!)

Anyhow........ I became very complacent (which is my life's weight loss pattern) and I started a slow regain, LUCKILY the re-gain stopped at 204lbs. (THANK GOD FOR MY LAPBAND!) and for the last 2.5 years I have bounced between 204-208. CURRENTLY, I am in size 12's (some 14's) and truth be told... I am very comfortable at this size. I'm no longer worried that I'm the heaviest person in the room. I know I'm not thin, but I also know that I'm a "normal" size.

This brings me to 2011.

I am committed to losing 30lbs!

I believe 208 is my body's new set point and so to focus on losing a mere 30 lbs in one year SHOULD be a piece of cake.... :) well maybe NOT cake. :)

Join me as I post to this blog for accountability.

HAPPY 2011!

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