Thursday, November 8, 2007

Plateaus SUCK!

Well, I finally hit my first stagnent stage........ 3 weeks and I've been bouncing from 210 to 213 and back again. I know, I know.... my body is just catching up with itself, but it is still annoying.

I am trying to drink at least ONE 2liter of Crystal Light each day....... (today is day two of it)

Hoping to get the scale moving downward once again.

I am also eating more than I had been previously... I still have good restriction but I can eat more than 1 cup of food......

This is day 4 of CUTTING THE CRAP out of my diet! (meaning...... NO HALLOWEEN CANDY)

I really wanted to be in ONEderland by Turkeyday, but at this rate I am not going to make it.....

The good news is that I am looking and feeling better than I have in a long time!

Tracy signing off........... and still loving my band! :)

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sherry said...

Hi tracy, fellow band member,
I use protein water by special k
and Muscle Milk protein shake.
I have a myspace glad to have new friends
Good luck sherry