Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back to Band Basics Damn it!

TODAY is the day I GMAIG! (get my ass in gear)

I'm am making a REAL effort to eat legal and drink at least ONE glass of water!

So far today:

Coffee w/sf creamer
1 large glass of Calorie Countdown Chocholate Milk (over ice)
1 tuna lunch kit. (which I inhaled and is now coming back up) BLECH!

Lunch: TBA.. looking in my office stash... hmmmmmm my choices:
1. Great Value Chicken Noodle Soup (Cal: 120, Carb 16, Protien 6)
2. Campbells "Chunky" cheddar potato with bacon bits Soup (Cal:320, carb 46, protien 8)
3. Campbells "chunky" steak and baked potato soup( Cal 420, Carb 42, Protien 18)

Looking like #3 for protien and although its a lot of carbs and calories

Dinner: Grilling steak....(the goal will be to eat slowly and chew the hell out of it so that it doesn't come back up)

OK.. so I'm going to publish and go get some water!

Tracy signing off and making a real effort to GMAIG!

Scale 180 today

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