Monday, November 26, 2007

I am THANKFUL that Turkey Day is over!

I gained over Thanksgiving weekend, but that said...... I did it to myself.

I KNEW I was going in for a fill today, so I pushed the envelope over the weekend... why do I do this to myself? Why did I eat everything EXCEPT turkey? (I knew turkey would get stuck)

Old habbits of entitlement creep in...... I knew my ass would be getting clamped down again so dammit I ATE the cornflake cookies and the biscuits and gravy......... LOTS and LOTS of gravy.

Cheat the band.... I am the smartest dumbass you will ever read! :)

I'm not really that mad at myself... because my little silicone fist is still in me, still there waiting patiently to tell me that she is the boss............ and I am on liquids for 36 hours... Tomatoe soup and a protein bullet is on my menu for tonight.

Even though my scale told me of my failure, my doc was more than pleased with my overall progress........ and my size 24 jeans have long since gone to goodwill and the size 12's that I picked up for myself on black friday look mightly fine on me today...... albeit a little tighter than they would of been last week........

The best part is KNOWING that by Spring time....... they too will be in the goodwill pile!


arielfreak said...

I am also glad Thanksgiving is oooooover. You are so right about those jeans in spring..just keep on truckin', which can be a hard thing to do this time of year. Looking great in your recent photo!

Candy-O said...

LOL! I had the same argument with myself yesterday! Knowing that I was getting my fill today, I grazed all over the place. Do we ever stop the food games with ourselves?