Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday is CTC Day

My list of fellow Shrinking Violets (on LapbandTalk) have deemed Tuesday's and Thursdays as
CUT THE CRAP DAY(s)......... So today is CTC day.... so far I'm doing OK.

After my tweaker fill yesterday... I've been on liquids... Today (SO FAR) I've had
Coffee w/sf creamer
Protein Bullet
About HALF of my bowl of Turkey Pot Pie Soup..... (I dumped most of the chunks in the trash)
ONE glass of Crystal Light.. (I really need to drink more water/crystal light)

and if I'm really honest.. I did have a tiny nibble of a peanutbutter cornflake cookie this morning..... (this is the CRAP I'm trying to steer clear of) but otherwise so far so good.

I've read that restriction is a funny thing and sometimes just messing with your fill can take away great restriction... I will know if my SWEET spot is back tomorrow when I try something other than soup.....

Guess what......... I've been banded 7 months........ I still feel like I'm learning my band.. and I'm trying to wrap my head around being smaller than a size 12.

I'm pretty happy in my 12's and that means this is my danger zone of complacency... now is usually the time when I start spiraling out of control jumping off the Atkins plan that I know works so well for me.................

OH well.. time to get back to the daily grind.....

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Anonymous said...

You are doing so incredibly well! It's very impressive to me. I originally wanted to have the band, but my insurance wouldn't cover it and my surgeon felt that I was a better RNY candidate anyway. I've read soooo many mixed reviews on the band that for awhile I got a little snobby and thought it was not as good as the RNY, but seeing how well you're doing has really made me change my mind and realize that every person's experience is unique and there is no "better" WLS.