Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I was so surprised this morning………. I made it to the 180’s! (189.4 to be exact)

I hit ONEderland (199 lbs) Jan 5, 2008……… so I’ve been messing around with the same 10 lbs since that time…

This puts me at 83 lbs down in 11 months, and today I’m wearing a pair of stretchy 10’s! What a difference a year makes.

Although my band is not magic..and the concept is NOT Rocket science it sure has helped me eat less and lose weight. (and made it impossible for me to eat bread)

I went to a support group meeting last night and it really helped to re energize me… also seeing others with their struggles and successes made me realize that

My “skinny jeans” (size 12 Levis) are comfortable for me and going below them actually scares me.. I can’t wrap my head around it because I really don’t have a conscience memory of being smaller than that……. Sure when I met my first husband at age 15 I was wearing a pair of size 9/11 jeans.. but being young and stupid I don’t remember how that felt… as I’ve always been the fat one…… even when I was playing sports and toned….. I was always bigger than most of my friends and ALWAYS bigger than my sister…….

I guess, I will always be a fat girl on the inside of my head… even when the outside is “normal”… that is a scary thing to know about yourself.

We talked last night at the meeting about how people who have always been at a healthy weight, MUST have a 5 lb bell that goes off when they gain 5 or so pounds that triggers them into action……. And how people of a more obese nature… don’t hear the bell until 20-30-50 pounds have been gained….. (man that is soooo true)

The goal is to install the 5 pound bell in ME and get rid of the 50 lb bell……

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