Friday, April 4, 2008

Sometimes I just suck.......... I knowingly eat the wrong things that will sabotage my weight loss. How many freaking times in my life will I continue to exhibit total dumbass behaviour????

All week, I've been bouncing back up... and did I drink water? NO
Did I put down the cookies? No
Did I stay away from the cookies? Hell NO I ate them for breakfast.

See... total dumbass.

DH said I had a flat ass too........... Lovely

The good thing is (see this is me justifying my dumbass behaviour)
I am wearing a stretchy size medium pant right now, and I can breathe.....

The Sassy Ring is going away.. so I don't know who out there even reads my ramblings.. and I don't really care.. as I do this for my own venting purposes.

OH and I guess this is an NSV......... Earlier this week, I promised my son that he could ride his bike around the block... so anyway a couple times around and I decided to start RUNNING to race him down the street.... (PICK YOURSELF OFF THE FLOOR!) TRACY ACTUALLY RAN....... he was so surprised that he almost wrecked his bike.. LOL.......... don't worry it didn't last long.... but it did surprise the everlivingshit out of me!

Have a great weekend peeps!
Sweet Dreams and Smaller Jeans to you


Donna said...

Hi there... I'm a former member of the Sassy ring (I left a few months ago). Just came upon your blog from another, and you just make me laugh, as there are countless times a day I refer to myself as Dumbass. It's all a learning experience, right?

LOL Keep the humor... it works wonders!


Amalia Grape said...

Hey there,

My name is Amalia. I had a gastric bypass in 2000. I understand your life, my friend.

I am still here. I am here for you.


Amber said...

I'm reading!! :)