Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So my boss is an ass

Mid Day Rant!

I love the old geezer, but dam it he is such an ass...........

1. He does not know I'm banded.
a. Wouldn't understand it.
b. Would want to talk about it every minute of every day
c. Would tell me what I SHOULD be doing.... grrrrrrrr
d. Would turn into the BIGGEST PAIN IN MY ASS
2. He is 60+ years old.... never been divorced, never been a smoker, is basically in HIS mind near perfect........ and did I mention a pain in my ass at times when we disagree as he can be very judgemental.

OK.... so I had started going to the gym... but I have slacked off...
Trace: You go work out this morning?
Then I say.. "No, not this morning"
To which I get a daily lecture.... annoying

So he tells me that he is almost down to 250, as he pats his belly and laughs... only one more pound... I really hit that tread mill this morning!

I finally tell him that I'm down 53 lbs as of April 1st.......... he looks at me disbelieving.....

53 lbs! Nawwwwwwwww! 53 Really?????

Yes Dan 53lbs... I had regained all my weight and added 20...

He replies........

"Well OFCOURSE I NOTICED YOU REGAINED ALL YOUR WEIGHT only a DOPE wouldn't of noticed THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!" What ya eating there? Oatmeal???

Gee Thanks asshole

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Danyele said...

omg - what a dick. I would have trouble keeping my composure if I had to deal with someone like that on a daily basis. You have the patience of a saint my dear.