Friday, September 14, 2007

Reading the FINE print!

We just recieved our new Insurance SPD's (the boring legeleze book that no one ever reads) It's part of my job... so I just skimmed the OBESITY RELATED PROCEDURES section.............What I found made my day:

Also included are services, supplies or charges for the correction of complications arising from weight control procedures, such as procedures to reverse any restrictive or diversion ary procedures and such reconstructiove procedures as may be neccessitatied by the weight loss produced by these covered restrictrive or diversionary procedures. Examples of such reconstructive procedures include, but are not limited to, abdominal panniculectomy, and removal of excessive skin from arms, legs or other areas of the body!

THIS MEANS THAT I’m GETTING a TT and arms done after I LOSE THIS WEIGHT! Holy crap!!!!!


Lynette aka Ready4it said...

Thats great!!! I'm excited for you. I know my insurance covers those things if you lose over 100 pounds and hopefully, if I have too much excess skins, I'll be able to have a TT. :) Congratulations.

Candy-O said...

Wow! That is awesome! Out here most employers are considered "small" (under 100 employees), so the insurance contract specifically EXCLUDE weight loss surgery and anything having to do with complication, revisions or plastic surgery. POUT!

Dagny said...

OMG!!!!! What insurance is this???