Monday, September 24, 2007


I am wiping up tears of joy after reading "The Pin Up Girl" blog.... go check it out.

I also hit a milestone of my own on Friday and managed to hold it over the weekend..
I hit the "teens". Also I am wearing a dress today....... who IS this person I'm becoming?

I feel like one of the "afters" on What Not to Wear! Dresses are not my thing.... especially one that doesn't stop at my ankles!

Friday......... I had a good day...... it seemed like EVERYONE at work picked Friday to notice that I'm losing weight........ Must of been what I was wearing because even the old guys in Maintenance noticed....... weird, but good.

I have also noticed a big change in my finger nails and my hair....... I am not getting enough protein, I have GOT to fix it.

Also, I was scheduled for a fill appointment today but I gave it up because my restriction is holding steady. My next apt. is 10/22/2007... I'm really hoping to be down 10-15 lbs... by then

Please Santa, ONEderland by Christmas!


Dagny said...

I love the crazy things losing loads of weight make people want to do. DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO!!!!!

arielfreak said...

Congrats on the teens...and clothes are just SO much more fun now...wait till you see what you'll be wearing 6 months from now!