Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A plan a plan I need a plan....... a plan that I will stick to.

I am sooooooo sick of being stuck.. I hit ONEderland on 1/05/08.. and I keep bouncing from 189-192..... I think its time for me to start a traditional eating plan..... go into regular diet mode.. because obviously this last 30-40 lbs is not wanting to budge.. it is weird to think that I'm a mere 30ish pounds from goal.... surreal really.....

I can tell that my gut is getting mushy and deflated.. it is so weird.. it's like the fat is falling down and settling "down there" so much that a mons lift might be the only cure..... WIERD LOOKING.

Yesterday I wore a size 10 black levi capri, and then after work switched to a size 10 denim capri.. (both had a bit of stretch) but I felt victorious.. as those black levi capri are officially THE SMALLEST THING IN MY CLOSET PRE-BAND.. I got into them for uuuuhhhh a MINUTE the last time I lost weight... yet I was a good 15 lbs lighter than I am now.......... Today I am wearing a size 16 NONstretch Docker pant.. it is loose on the thighs but snug in the waist... go figure.... DH said my butt looked good in them... so I guess I need to quit focusing on sizes and start going for style......(which is also weird)

I have been hitting the clearance racks lately and it is so weird that more than just one or two things fit and I actually have a choice as to what looks good and then refrain from buying 1 in every color.. LOL

Today I started my day with a glass of milk.. and I'm getting ready to go make some oatmeal....... today I'm going to TRY to stay away from the junk that goes down oohhh sooo easily.

Yesterday I had:

pb cookie ok... two
1 bag of popcorn w/real butter melted all over it
a bit of beef stew broth
a bowl of peanut butter icecream on top of a piece of chocolate cake
a glass of milk

..... so yeah.. full disclosure........ there IS room for improvement :)

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Tracy said...

Hi Tracy! I actually came across your blog by googling my own weight loss blog! Funny that we are both Tracy's trying to lose stubborn weight. I really love your blog, and your personality. I got a few good laughs, and appreciate how you just put it all out there! I would love to follow your story and would love for you to check out mine! Yours is now on my favorites - thanks!!