Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 4 of Induction and still going strong!

I am so proud of myself!

I have stayed 100% true to plan for 3 solid days and now I'm staring day 4 in the face.
I have not had any diet soda, no ice cream, no chips, no vodka (my lc booze of choice). Yesterday was the toughest so far, as I let myself get so hungry that I got pretty dizzy, although I think it was really sugar withdrawl.. it had been so long since I had deprived my body of sugar that I had forgotten the foggy/dizzy feeling that comes with it. I know know that my body has switched to burning fat instead of carbs and my first mini goal is well within my grasp.

My husband is naturally thin, and he has no clue what its like, he also never knew me at my former "pre lapband" weight. He also hadn't lived through my many journeys down the scale with only the aid of a Low Carb diet circa 1999-2007....... so it will be a challenge for me to not loose patience with him for not understanding.

Anyway..... i am committed to first get back to ONEderland, and then my next goal will to hit my prior low of 174. I can't really imagine any lower than that because at 174 my size 10 levi's would end up baggy by the end of the day, and my EX husband said I had no butt and that I looked sick..... REALLY? I looked SICK at 174 lbs? I guess that's ONE of the reasons he is an EX! LOL

Anyhow........ here I am, on my way to all those dang size 10 jeans I have on the top shelf of my closet!

Started induction on 06/12/2011 @ 210.6 lbs
Day 4 weigh in: 206.4

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