Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Induction Honeymoon is Over

Well the induction honeymoon is over as today is the first day I bounced back up a bit...
202.8 to 203.2, not much... but dang it.. I don't want to see it go up.

I actually think I didn't eat enough yesterday

here is my menu

coffee w/ sf creamer (about 2 cups)

b: calorie countdown shake

l: 2 ham,pickle, cream cheese roll ups

d: 1 tuna patty (about half a can, 1 egg, and 1/2 slice of sharp cheddar)

tea & water


Hey, I'm still jazzed that in a little over a week I'm down 7 lbs, but I want to get back to ONEderland where I belong

OK, I'm editing because I went and logged everything from yesterday into Fitday and I found my problem........ NOT enough, calories or protein! I guess my little silicone fist is working, because I did not intentionally starve myself yesterday.

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