Friday, January 4, 2008

Bit the bullet and had an UNfill

I had to face the fact that I was too tight!

I was scolded for letting it go so long, but dang it........ I wanted ONEderland,
they took out the amount of my last fill, which was a minute .3cc's and I can already tell that it has helped! It is amazing to me that such a little amount can make the difference between milk gurgling back up and not. (yes, I actually had problems if I drank my milk too fast)

It is a hard fact to face.. I mean.. I KNOW that being too tight can cause problems and will cause you NOT to lose weight... but it is hard when you are staring at the damn scale and it REFUSES to go to ONEderland........... (speaking of which...... 200.4 today) INSERT CUSS WORDS HERE

I want to thank those of you who have sent me messages or made comments, I truly didn't think anyone but ME read this thing....... :)

I hope to make ONEderland next week...... but who am I kidding... I want it TOMORROW!

Sweet Dreams and Smaller Jeans!

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