Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 2 Induction

I made it through day one!

I got really hungry about 2p.m. so I ended up opening another can of chunk chicken, and to make sure I didn't backslide I drained the chicken juice into a baggie of cookies that I had in my desk! LOL Worked... I stayed true to plan.

I ended up having crock pot steak with a bit of ranch dressing for dinner and found myself pacing the house about 8p.m...... so I gave it up and went to my bed to watch a web episode of survivor (missed it last week due to the tornados)

So....... Good morning! I made it and now am on day 2. Scale back down to 188 lbs, hoping to see 185 by Friday. (this would put me down 2 for the week)

I did have a SBD pudding cup this morning for breakfast because it is what I had in the fridge and I needed something for my morning metabolism....... Says's its only 6 carbs but thats not including the Sugar Alcohols..... good thing I'm having tuna and chicken today! :)
Must remember my water today...... hmmmmm

Have a great day!!!!!!!

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