Wednesday, May 14, 2008

HELLO!!!!!!! Back down today..... CRAZY BUSY this week... with work and preparing for a weekend girls getaway..... and to top it off I had to make a LapBand Home Video for a "thang" I'm applying for.....

I just made it... I had to do it all myself using a digital camera cause..
1. I don't have a home video camera
2. My coworker friend that was to help me got caught up in a meeting.

Later I will upload and email to the producer...... and then see if I made the cut.

One of my fellow Violet Sista's was also asked to make a video... so hopefully ONE or BOTH of us will make the cut and get invited to be in the project. (it would be SUPER cool if both made it and had a trip together for the filming)

Anywhoooo I wanted to share a FUNNY kid moment:
OK... funny kid moment........... last night while driving in the car Robby was rattling a mile a minute from the back seat. When I stopped responding to him he asked... “Mom? Mom?! Why aren't you talking MOM? Do you need to puke or something?” (I nodded my head) “Do you have puke in your mouth right Now? (I nodded my head) and reached in the back seat to feel for SOMETHING to expel into... He said.. "there is NOTHING BACK here for you to puke into!.. then he thought about it for a second and kind of huffed at me and said...... “WELL, Theres nothing I can do about it now, so your going to have to deal with it!" OMG I was trying not to crack up and have it come out my nose........

p.s.......... wearing size 10 black capri Levis today..... God.. that is SOOO good for my ego! Later Peeps

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